google_mobile_friendly_testAccording to Google, 2014 was the first year where more web pages were viewed on mobile devices than on desktop units.  Many business website owners rationalize that “My desktop website shows up on a mobile phone so people should be able to find their way around okay”. The simple fact is, the vast majority of desktop websites are clumsy and irritating to navigate on a mobile device. Constant “pinching & expanding” and sideways scrolling can make for a very unpleasant viewing experience.

Here are 5 good reasons why you need a mobile-friendly website today:

1. Based on Google statistics,  85 percent of North Americans are never more than three feet from their cell phones. Hence, there’s a good chance many site visitors will be accessing your website through their mobile phone.

2. Typically, most smartphone users are not interested in a lot of reading material. They want to find out where you are, how to contact you and what you’re about.  A prominent “call button” placed at the top of your mobile site allows for a simple “one-finger-tap” to initiate a call to your business.

3. Wi-Fi is everywhere.  Your customers will be accessing your website from coffee shops, commuter trains, shopping malls or sitting on the sofa during TV commercials. If you provide a mobile friendly experience, you’ll impress your visitors and have an instant advantage over your competition.

4. Make a bolder statement and stronger brand impression.  Your business has likely invested significant dollars and resources into branding & advertising. Don’t diminish that by ignoring your mobile presence.

5. Higher search rankings. A business with a mobile-friendly website will enjoy a distinct advantage over businesses that do not have one. Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Yellow Pages and other search engines and directories rank mobile-optimized businesses higher than their competition.

So there you have it… Going mobile is most certainly a very good investment.

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