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There are a number of very good reasons why a blog is good for business:

1. It Increases your Credibility and Establishes You as an Expert!

By talking about new developments & products in your industry or business, it establishes you as an expert in your field and builds credibility. Clients and potential customers can provide feedback by responding to your articles and comments which creates dialogue that can lead to future sales.

2. It Allows for Better Customer Service

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Now, you can integrate a WordPress blog like this one into your “non-Wordpress” website. It is no longer necessary to use WordPress to build your entire website in order to take advantage of the mighty WordPress blog. This blog is maintained using the WordPress content management system but the rest of the website is maintained using our PIxweaver CMS.

As well as text content, you can post YouTube videos, images, pdfs, links, etc. in your blog entry.



Category: Pixweaver Articles