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January 22, 2024
What is this Artificial Intelligence stuff all about anyway?

We've all been hearing so much lately about Artificial Intelligence or "AI" including a lot of scary predictions on how AI driven computers will eventually all link up to to create worldwide chaos. Just what is Artificial Intelligence anyway?  Well, it spans many facets of our lives including autonomous vehicles (AVs), chatbots, virtual assistants, robotics, disease detection along with some very cool video and animation applications.

Back in the days of Walt Disney cartoons like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, cartoonists had to painstakingly hand draw each cartoon frame then blend them all together rapid-fire to create animation. Voice actors would record the audio track which was then synchronized to the cartoon footage. A long tedious process but we all loved the finished product and even encourage our kids today to watch those "golden oldie" cartoons that made us laugh as kids.  

Today, we are using Artificial Intelligence to create videos or 3D animations of lifelike humans or avatars delivering a message seemingly recorded by actual people. These videos can be created within a few minutes simply by typing in the text or script you wish the "avatar" to speak in the video. You can also choose from a huge variety of human-like avatars that you feel fits the image or persona of your business or organization. Very few of us feel comfortable standing in front of a camera possibly talking about the weekly specials at our restaurant or maybe an instruction video for a vacuum cleaner our online store sells. Enter applications called "AI content generators".

How does this AI technology work?  When we talk, our mouths move with each word and syllable. We pause at the end of a sentence or add excitement in our voice when there's an exclamation mark. Our voices go up and down to make our speech more interesting along with eye movements and facial expressions. We often use hand gestures and body movement rather than stand in a rigid uptight position. All of these human mannerisms and actions are stored within the AI database along with voice cadence, modulation and inflection. Artificial intelligence can so closely mimic a real human that it's almost impossible to detect what's real and what isn't.

The AI content generator analyzes the written script and, in minutes, creates a lifelike video of a person delivering your message in video format. The video can easily be embedded into a webpage to create a personalized message for your website visitors. AI can also create your video in virtually any language you wish.  So, if your website audience spans multiple language groups, such as French and English, you easily can deliver your video message in both languages.

Try it our for yourself with this free AI Video Generator from Synthesia.  Have a look at some of the "avatars" you can choose from to fit the persona and image of your business.

Here is a custom video using multiple avatars all done using Synthesia...